iphone 6 is so yesterday .. check out my new iPhone 7

Need I say more ?   the new iPhone with its transparent body.

new iPhone 7

new iPhone 7

Newer Technology Just thought I would update everyone

Things change a bit over the years.   Now there is true competition to Amazon Music Player..  which is google play music. Now Google play music has a native IOS app, which makes their service actually usable.  Upload up to 20,000 songs for free. and play them anywhere.. as long as you have internet.  Not bad.. Amazon has the same thing but its 24.95 per year for 250,000 songs. My collection is about 10,000 so I think I know what Ill be doing.

Update on Google Voice.. it now accepts pictures… sort of.. if someone sends me a picture text to 213 245 1027  I get it in my gmail account.  I still cant send a picture from Google Voice.. but progress.

Kcrw, my favorite radio station now has a iphone app !  nice move kcrw.. listen live.. to their feed or to their music archive, or npr feed.

In case you were in a cave last year.. PodCasts got a big push, with the release of of the podcast Serial.  A weekly offshoot of the this american life..  A true story of an inmate search for the truth of the crime he was incarcerated for.   Week after week a new revelation of facts and legal stumbling..   it was sort of like a car crash.. not that I wanted to listen.. but couldn’t stop once started.

My media play center  continues to evolve.   What started as a windows server – to hold and download media and a player – to a all in one windows media download .storage player… now  things are changing again,

two Nice little WD Devices  are really slick

WD MY Cloud  a 2- to 4 TB ! NAS Server  about  $ 150 .00  .. not only is it about the size of a cable modem  its a true nas  and media server in one.. Store media from any machine do(wnloading it.. and it has its one media server built in.

Then  a  $60.  WD TV , A pocked sized media player..  plug and play.. reads any windows file shares and any available media services on your  network.  Thanks for a really slick iphone remote.. media can be placed .using my iphone as the remote for it.    Who needs yet another remote )

Add to that I needed some sound.. but wanted something I could listen to  with speakers/  or headphones and even bluetooth.
Check this out Pyle PTP228 T  its a bluetooth amp, works great as  the sound for the WD TV  Even has  usb port  to charge up devices
40 watts per channel,, and small .. best of all it doesnt look like a home unit.. this thing looks like it belongs on a DJ Rack.

Highly recommended.


So I just signed another year lease on my loft in Los Angeles.  So I guess I am here for at least another year.

p.s. Better Call Saul ,, Got to watch it.. Really good stuff.


Some really great TV on ! Utopia is back and FARGO

I can’t get enough of Fargo.  Its really a fun watch.   Billy Bob Thorton is at his peak, the only thing wrong is I that it wasn’t released by NetFlix and so I can’t binge on it.



Now I read that the best UK show of 2013  has a season 2 due out next month, Utopia !    Can hardly wait


Then even better news, that is HBO has ordered a US adaption  of Utopia to be directed by   David Fincher



Hope this brings joy to your heart.













Best Movie of the Year.. and the winner is…

And I have see quite a few this year.. (unlike last year)

Without a doubt the best overall movie – had me laughing and on the edge of my seat  – I cant believe what I am seeing here, pushing the envelope of what a movie is suppose to be.

Wolf of Wall Street

I think you just have to experience the energy, drama, writing cinematography and quotable one liners for yourself.

This is a masterpiece, I think the best movie of the genre since fight club.!

One way or the other.. its your one must see movie of the year.



Bob Lee


Best Yet Free On Line Backup – Storage


Cloud Storage with today’s technology is a place on the internet where you back up or sync your files to :
Typically what happens is when you install the desktop app, it creates a folder inside your documents folder which is sync’d to the cloud
Any file which is snc’d is then able to be shared to another user on their network, or to the world by sending a unique url to the file itself.

For me, who use 3 or 4 computers at a time, its really good, because I don’t have to worry ever about not having my files, I’ll install these apps on ever machine, and once I save the file, all the machines have a copy of it.. (plus on line so I can get it using my smartphone or tablet.

The leaders in this area are google, (with google drive)  Box.com  and DropBox and Amazon drive and Sugar Sync.
The difference is in some features of sharing and google converts your word docs to their version of word.. but all pretty much the same.
All have a free entry level,  and start charging when you really want to use it a ton.

DropBox gives you 2 gigs for free, Box 5 and Google 5  Gigs,


For me, I want more – I have music / video’s  and other stuff I have acquired and I need at least 12 gigs to be happy.  So for the past year I have been on my companies account at box.com

Now comes  the latest in the cloud storage, copy.com    from Barracuda networks (big in spam protection worldwide)

They want in to this consumer need of cloud storage !

Their offering is pretty much the same as the others except.. they start off giving away 15 gigs of on line space, and increase it by having users invite others to their services. (like I am doing now to you.)  !!
If you sign up with my link, you get an additional 5 gigs(starting your free storage at 20 gigs… )  I also get bumped up by 5 gigs..

You see, if you sign up 2 more people you will have for free 30 gigs of on line storage.. and so on.

The system is as easy to use as the others can work on ipads/androids iphones /  mac’s pc’s and so on.  I you sign up, and don’t like it, no worries, they don’t take your credit card… its just free.
Your  name and email address , you create your own password.. that’s it.

Use this link.. to make sure you get your extra 5 gigs, and I get mine also.



Slick VPN & Demonoid

My newsgroup service company NewsDamon   just floated me an offer I couldn’t pass up.  Ill explain.
The trouble is recently some of the best shows  like Mad Men, and Game of Thrones are not showing up on the newsgroups. So I am forced to look back on the torrent sites for a few shows. As you know, my loyal readers I sort of gave up on torrents a while back in lieu of NewsGroups.

Ok I can still torrent limited.. so surf over to EZTV.IT  get what I need, no hassle. But then I remember now I have to use peer blocker and relay on someone to keep my peer blocker updated… (questionable to say the least.. for free service)

Ok so I get this email with a promo for SlickVPN 3.00 a month, unlimited use, encrypt  my data, and change the ip address one of 80 different countries, without speed issues. So in essence anyone who looks at my traffic, including my own ISP  can see only that data is moving.. and anyone with a torrent, sees that I have a presence in Thailand, or Sweden, or whatever I want it to be.

3.00 a month.. for full bandwidth vpn service, masking my ip address , and works on not only pc but tablets, etc. pptp , l2tp, and your choice of various vpn vpn software. Support is good, service  is good and price is right.

No I am not getting paid to refer you, and no I don’t include a link.. I am sure you can find it if you are interested.

Just passing along the info.. in case there was interest.

Have you seen the return of Demonoid.. as D2.vu  its there.. sometimes.. but my username was there and I was able to log on.. somehow D2 might just be the rebirth of Demonoid.    We will see.



Amazon Cloud Player and other random thoughts

There is one issue with the Itunes  software that I really can not accept, and that is that you can using one pc to sync music to it.  So for people like me who have various pc’s and laptops.. I come across a mp3 file I want to install onto my iPhone.. I have to wait until I get to the place with the one pc has the iTunes software install with my music..

006143170-big-hammer-rings-bell-02Sure I can install iTunes on another PC.. but just try to sync your iPhone with that.. well. you just lost all your music.

So apple has a solution for this, called something like icloud for music.. but of course its apple and just try to play music on it from a non apple product. not going to happen.

Up comes Amazon to the rescue again,  Amazon cloud player allows you to upload to their cloud all your mp3 ogg, flac  files .(try that with apple)..  and amazon will scan it. and if they have it in their library, they dont bother to upload it. just just assume you purchased it, and give you the rights to play it on any of your devices.

No Shit.. thats what they do. !!

So I uploaded as a test 200 songs of so the other night, Amazon had about half in their library already, so I didn’t need to upload everything.

Then I went for my workout, and decided to stream some of my recently uploaded tunes on my iPhone.

Worked like a charm… the player also allows you to flag any song/ album to download it to your local device in case you are at a place without internet.

But steaming using ATT 3g works just fine

The cost for up to 250 songs is free (some of my songs are 3 hour shows from Gilles Peterson.. just counted as one song!!!   but up to 250 songs are free.after that. you have to fork over 25.00 for a year service fee. ..for basically unlimited storage… maybe 250,000 songs something like that  but its unlimited

Amazon kicks ass !
S3 cloud storage.   and RDS love it.

Just an fyi, I am working now on html signatures for my company which have rotating images, and have to be a specific font. and have to be deployable on outlook, SalesForce, iPhones and iPads… all looking 100 %  the same. I just cant believe that I have to write an installation manual which includes the line.

Then you shake your phone until you see the…..

Got to love a challenge. !

Side note. I am getting my gpz back today !   Started it up today.  Sounds even better..  Boys and their toys. !


Caravan Palace

I love these guys, Caravan Palace  !!

Looks like they care coming back to LA, I have to get tickets.

But in the mean time, here is a sampling of their music

New Source for Drama – and must see Utopia

I recently discovered a series of stations in the UK, apart from the BBC .
ITV. I downloaded and watched a few of the series, like the Making of a woman, Doors open, The Town !(loved that one )
And the dramas just keep on coming.
Right now I am in the middle of Broadchurch, which is a story of a 11 year old boy , killed in a small town in the UK. The plot twists are amazing, acting -first rate.
That being said, nothing has come close to he treat ITV gave its viewers at the end of Jan – Feb of this year,
A drama on the level of a really well made movie.
Conspiracy meets Art… Like Clockwork orange, meets Blue Velvet.
Beautifully shot, and a story so well told you find yourself needing to see the next episode..

Not to missed..

Google Street view in one click

try this..


and type in your address